Suminoe Textile Co., Ltd.  Ichizo Yoshikawa President

As a pioneering manufacturer in the interior design and furnishings industry, Suminoe Textile is in the business of creating comfortable and safe/secure living spaces.
The needs of customers for interiors are becoming increasingly diversified and the demand for quality has risen, and now more than ever, products with high cost performance are in demand.
Since our foundation in 1883, Suminoe Textile has continually endeavored to realize technical advancements through our more than 130 years of history, and under our thorough quality management, we have pursued the creation of better products. In the future, Suminoe Textile will continue to develop products with a customer-first viewpoint and supply environmentally friendly products with excellent functionality.
Furthermore, in the automotive textile and traffic facilities segment, we are utilizing our strength of being able to provide a complete set of interior materials from carpets to seat covering materials, thoroughly exercising our planning and proposal ability by totally coordinating automotive interiors and proactively developing highly functional lightweight products. In addition, Suminoe Textile is striving to build a globally optimized supply system that will allow us to respond immediately to the needs of customers by promoting the globalization of our manufacturing and sales sites.
Our entire group is united in the goal of strengthening profitability and expanding our global share under two main pillars of the interior fittings segment and automotive textile and traffic facilities segment as our base.

Ichizo Yoshikawa
Chairman and President