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Interior Materials for Trains/Buses/Ships/Aircraft

Central Japan Railway Company , West Japan Railway Company : Sinkansen N700 series

A Leading Manufacturer of Interior Materials for railway vehicles

The cornerstone of our automotive textiles today is the manufacturing of seat covering materials for railway vehicles. In 1896, when construction of the railway network was rapidly progressing, we were the first to manufacture seat covering materials for railway vehicles in Japan. Since then, we have supplied seat covering materials to Japan National Railways and private railways and we are extremely proud of our top market share for more than one century. Today, Suminoe Textile supplies seat covering materials and the highly recyclable seat cushion material SUMICUBE®, etc., in public transportation vehicles such as Shinkansen bullet trains, trains, buses, ships, and aircraft.


East Japan Railway Company : The Narita Express(N'EX)


Fukuoka (JAPAN) ~ Busan (KOREA)


Nishi - Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. : "Hakata"(Night Bus)


Japan Airlines : Boeing 777-300ER Executive Class

SUMICUBE® Seat Cushion Material

The polyester seat cushion material SUMICUBE® is recycled into fiber for use in dress shirts, etc., by chemical recycling after being used for seats. In addition, since it barely emits any poisonous gases during fires, it is safer than the urethane type cushion material currently being used. Therefore, SUMICUBE® has rapidly increased its market share.