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Interior Decor

Biwako Hall Center for The Perfoming Arts, Shiga

Comprehensive manufacturer of lifestyle Inspired Interior Products

Since our founder, Denshichi Murata, began manufacturing carpets in 1883, Suminoe Textile has supplied carpet for the establishment of Japan’s Imperial Diet Building in 1891 and contributed to lifestyle modernization as a pioneer of Japanese interior decor. At present, our subsidiary, SUMINOE Co., Ltd., sells Suminoe brand name products consisting mainly of curtains and carpets, while another subsidiary, RUNON CO., LTD., sells wallpaper, etc. Our diverse selection of interior products has been used in a wide variety of distinguished buildings such as the Diet Building, State Guest Houses, Japanese Prime Minister’s Official Residence, hotels, and office buildings as well as general residences.
In particular, we were the first successful domestic manufacturer of carpet tiles. In 2011, with a view to a recycling-oriented society upcoming, we developed the recycle carpet tiles “ECOS®”. ECOS® uses recycled fiber for pile yarn on the surface and the powder recycled from used tile carpets for backing materials, achieving a recycled material ratio as high as 83%, which is unparalleled in the world.
Based on our secure technology and abundance of experience, Suminoe Textile will continue to supply environmentally friendly and unique products matching diversified lifestyles and possessing excellent design as well as functionality.

Suminoe Textile Group interior products sales network



Our original brands include “modeS” with its fashionable design and secure/safe 100% flameproof feature and “face” for hospitals/welfare facilities/schools. In addition, we also have an environmentally friendly curtain collection by British social fashion designer “KATHARINE HAMNETT”. We provide a wide variety of products from home use to business space use.

Carpet tiles

Our main product is carpet tiles. Our SG series of recycled carpet tiles are Eco Mark products and use SUMITRON® continuous fiber made from recycled PET bottles and manufactured in Suminoe Techno Co., Ltd. (Shiga Factory) for surface pile. The backing material on the reverse side combines recycled powder from used carpet tiles.

Rugs and mats

Our sample book “BIG SIZE RUG & PIECE CARPET” covering conventional pre-cut carpet and various sizes of rugs that can be used in large living rooms owns the top market share in the industry. We supply a wide range of products including highly functional products with anti-allergen and anti-virus effects, and one of our rugs was the first in the industry to receive Eco Mark certification as a rug carpet for home use.


RUNON CO., LTD. sells highly functional products beginning with our “Air-cleaning wall-coverings® ” treated with our original deodorant technology TRIPLE FRESH® and our anti-allergen wall paper “Aller-block®”. Of note is that our “Air-cleaning wall-coverings® ” has earned an excellent reputation among medical and welfare facilities.