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Functional Materials


Developing New Applications of Functional Products

SUMITRON® Continuous Fiber Made from Recycled PET Bottles

SUMITRON®, continuous fiber made from recycled PET bottles and manufactured in our Shiga Factory (Suminoe Techno Co., Ltd.), holds the No. 1 position in production volume for recycled polyester BCF in the domestic market. SUMITRON® is being adopted for our interior products and automotive textiles as well as dust control mats and brushes for house cleaning, etc.

Electric Carpets

Suminoe Textile Co., Ltd. began working on the development of carpet coverings from the earliest days of electric carpets, and we have been serving as the leading maker of coverings since then, supplying them to various home appliance manufacturers. In 2003, we also established Suzhou Suminoe Textiles Co., Ltd. in China as our production plant for the main units of electric carpets; this has allowed us to enjoy a top-class market share for the main unit production as well.

Air-filter products

“Triple-Fresh® Bio” is a new concept of deodorizing filter where a biomimetic enzyme is invested in to a corrugate carrier. It continuously deodorizes unpleasant odor gas. Biomimetic enzyme works as a catalyst, and decomposes and deodorizes unpleasant odor components by oxidation-reduction reaction. Therefore its validity is semi-permanent.

Tispa Deodorization Related Brand

The Tispa series, “Real odor deodorization without disguising with a scent”, is a stationary deodorizer for home use that uses a TRIPLE FRESH® Bio filter adopted in refrigerators and air purifiers. Tispa features an extremely small amount of re-radiated odor due to a biomimetic enzyme that works as a catalyst for continually absorbing and decomposing odors.

“Real odor deodorization without disguising with a scent”

OH TILE Olefin Flooring Material

The Olefin flooring material barely emits smoke and toxic gas during fires and is significantly fire resistant, safe, and easy to install; therefore, it is adopted in public facilities, etc., where a high degree of safety is required.

Nassenger Special Pigment Ink-Jet Print

Nassenger is an ink-jet dyeing system that prints digital designs on fabric. Since the plate making process, which is required for conventional print dyeing, is not necessary, production in small lots is possible. Nassenger is used in a wide variety of fields such as seat covering materials in trains, buses and ships, apparel, interior goods, store decorations, and plush hand-woven curtains.

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