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Arts and Crafts Textiles

National Theatre of Japan (Tokyo) Large Theatre
: Plush hand-woven curtains “Flowers and Grass of the Four Seasons” Height 7.5m/Width 24m

Inheriting the Traditional Japanese Technique

We, Suminoe, have been involved in manufacturing arts and crafts works for many years. Our work includes carpets for prestigious buildings in Japan including the House of Representatives and House of Councilors, the National Diet of Japan and plush hand-woven curtains for famous theater halls. In addition, we manufacture textiles used for clothing and furnishings offered for prayer during the Shikinen Sengu (reconstruction ceremony) as well as company and school flags. The elegant and intricate air of hand woven technology passed down through our long history is adopted in each one of our arts and crafts fabrics.

Plush hand-woven curtains
Hand-woven carpet and hooked rugs

Nishijin brocades / Flags / Fashion accessories